We have 17 extremely talented local artists joining us this year! Some of them have chalked before, while others are new to this medium. We are extremely excited to see what these artists are going to create!!

  • James Dundon
  • Dawn Davis
  • Carmen Doyon
  • Alycia Barbieri
  • Ryan Cronin
  • Todd Moshier
  • Roxanne Correll 
  • Greg Correll
  • Sara Wenger
  • Rosalind Banks​
  • ​Rebecca Hanson
  • ​Juneau Beauport



  • Amanda Silvagnoli
  • Marie Saladino
  • Jennifer Copertino
  • Diana Valentin
  • ​Amelia Craig

The Hudson Valley Chalk Festival invites a carefully selected group of top professional street painters from around the country to chalk on the upper parking lot of Water Street Market.  In addition each year we select a number of local artists (some have chalked before, others are chalking for the first time) to work alongside the professional street painting artists in turning the pavement into a work of art.

We have some of the top professional street painters in the country joining us! We are excited to announce that we have 4 new professional artists coming to the Hudson Valley Chalk Festival this year!!

(Click photo to see larger image and the artists name)

Hudson Valley Chalk Festival

Returning Summer 2018!